Boost your attractiveness with Spanish Fly supplementation

Now the title of this article probably threw you off a bit. If you are already an attractive person, why would you need supplementation with a long-standing traditional remedy, like Spanish Fly?

Keep in mind that traditional folk remedies continue to be used today because people assume that they have an effect. Whether they actually have an effect or not is secondary to the central reality of perceived effect.

When you perceive that something makes you attractive, more effective or more productive, all sorts of chain reactions start taking place in your mind. Your assumptions start to change. Your expectations start to evolve. Sooner or later, your actions change. I cannot even begin to tell you how big of a deal that is. You have to understand that in life, people really could not care less about your motivations, intentions and potentials. All they care about is what you actually choose to do.

When you take action, you start turning the world around you. This is where everybody else starts to sit up and pay attention. This is where you start having an impact on in your daily waking reality. It does not get any simpler than that.

Traditional remedies or long-lasting boosting compounds like Spanish Fly continue to have a following because it boosts your attractiveness and sexual self-confidence. We are not talking about compounds that have been discontinued or no longer has a following. As the old saying goes, “where there is smoke, there is fire”. Believe it or not, Spanish Fly has been used for over a century to increase libido. There is no shortage of erectile dysfunction, remedies or physical arousal remedies. This aphrodisiac works in a completely different level. It is all about igniting sexual desire.

Please understand that there is a big difference between physical arousal, libido and sexual desire. With physical arousal, you are able to do the job: blood flows into the right place, certain parts of your body take the right shape and achieve a certain rigidity so you can do the job. This is not rocket science. This is fairly easy to spot. It is pretty straightforward. The problem is you also have to be sexually aroused. In other words, you have to want to have sex.

Being able to have sex is one thing. Wanting to do it with a specific person is another matter entirely. Both of these have to be present for great sex to materialize. There are no two ways about this. Both parts of the equation need to be there.

Libido really gets to the heart of attraction. It encompasses so many factors: rational, emotional, psychological, and physical. Sadly, too many people just focus on the physical part. They just focus on the right hormones, the right physical arousal, the right tingling, the toes curling, the right moans, etc. Sure, these are important but we’re missing out on something truly fundamental when we look at just physical signals. You see, for these to even appear, we have to take care of the emotional and internal signals that make them happen. These internal signals are what everything else possible. They have to be laid out properly. They have to be set up the right way properly.

Given the complexities of libido, it is no wonder people brush it off. They don’t want to be bothered. It is too complicated. It takes too much time. It is too inconvenient. This is all really too bad because if enough couples really dive into what makes their intimate moments magical, they can unlock the mysteries of libido and this can lead to not only greater sex but deeper and deeper levels of communication and authenticity. This raw honesty will not only take their relationship to the next level but this can lead to greater relationship stability. All rooted in authenticity and mutual respect. All rooted in love. But people don’t want to be bothered.

To jump start this process without scaring each other off due to the seemingly impossible or overly idealistic demands of true authentic emotional intimacy, we can use a shortcut. We can use external triggers. We can use triggers we can control. Thankfully, when used right, these can have powerful effects and can lead to greater libido.

This is why Spanish Fly is such a powerful option. It acts as an external trigger. There is a physical effect due to its chemical nature. But, its effect and impact go farther than that. You read into it a placebo effect and a desired outcome. As a result of your ingestion, you engage in willful action that essentially changes your behavior. You get a surge of self-confidence, feel sexier and feel that you would want to have sex.

Being sexy is primarily a psychological reality. Let us just get that out of the way. At some level or another, it is actually quite subjective. Some people might think that a particular type of person or a particular range of actions are sexy while others would beg to differ. It often changes from person to person. Still, everybody could agree that if you feel confident, you are by definition sexier. Why? You are able to clearly communicate your desire to other people. You act and talk sexier. It gets harder and harder to resist you.

Understand the psychological aspect of sexiness because ultimately you are only as sexy as you think you are. By using external triggers, whether in chemical form, aphrodisiac foods, mood, music and mood lighting and what have you, you trigger an internal emotional state which, if you allow to take over, changes your physical actions. Again, this is when things start getting real. When you start behaving differently, then your impact on the world starts to change accordingly.

Your actions count for a lot so make them count. Allow yourself to be truly curious about your partner’s body. Make it your mission to make your partner climax-not for your own interests-but purely for her. The more selfless you become, the more intense the emotional intensity. The more emotionally authentic the experience, the more intense the physical pleasure. See the paradox? See the opportunity?